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I find comfort in knowing that the care giver and owner will find custom solutions to meet my mother’s increasing daily needs.​


As so many families have experienced, the decision to move my mother from her home and home state to assisted living in Colorado was an emotional decision. There were many concerns and questions. It was important to carefully choose an assisted living that would be a long-term residence, have all the comforts of home and well-trained staff that focuses on the individual needs of each resident. Rose of Sharon Assisted Living has exceeded our expectations.

My Mom has been living at Rose of Sharon assisted living homes for over two years now. She enjoys a clean environment filled with the aroma of good food and baked cookies and an atmosphere of respect and attentive care every day. From the beginning, careful attention has been given to include in her activities her life-long hobbies of playing the piano and gardening. My mother has complete trust in her care giver and the security of knowing she is surrounded by friends. I find comfort in knowing that the care giver and owner will find custom solutions to meet my mother’s increasing daily needs.

When visiting, my family enjoys a comfortable home in an assisted living Denver residential neighborhood complete with a furnished deck and a large backyard just like when Mom lived in her own home. We are very pleased with our decision to choose Rose of Sharon. The staff have become part of our extended family.


Sandy S.


All of our aunt special needs are met with a smile by the owner and her staff.​


We would love to recommend the Rose of Sharon to anyone who is looking for an assisted living Denver home for their loved one. We are so please with the care that our aunt has received. She is shown so much love and attention. All of her special needs are met with a smile by the owner and her staff. The meals are prepared with nutrition in mind. Dietary needs are always accommodated. Special requests are always welcome. The homes all have loving environments are extremely clean and well maintained.

Our aunt is always dressed appropriately and ready to go “on-time” for all appointments and outings. On nice days the residents are encouraged to go outside for some fresh air and to enjoy the beautifully landscaped yards. The residents enjoy a variety of daily activities. Birthdays and holidays are celebrated with family and friends. We and our aunt feel blessed to have found the Rose of Sharon assisted living homes.


Alma and Family.


We are ever so grateful that my Mom's last years were spent in a place that valued and loved her.


If you are reading this letter, you have probably reached the point where you no longer feel someone you care a great deal about can live on their own or you can no longer care for them for a myriad of reasons. We were faced with that same unsettling decision when we began searching for a place where we could relocate our Mother.

She experience many good years in a retirement home but the time had come when we felt it was not the right match for her condition. Our trek included visiting a number of reputable organizations who provided the additional care she required. None produced the ambiance we sought. They seemed fairly impersonal though we did not question their standards of care. Then, we began interviewing group homes. A smaller number of residents provided a quieter, more stable environment but nothing seemed to click with us.

That is until we met the owner at one of Rose of Sharon Assisted Living homes. The home was spotless, the residents were smiling, and we felt a genuine caring attitude. Little did we know, it was just the starting point for a two and one-half year positive experience. Our Mother was on the slippery slope of the Alzheimer disease. Her condition deteriorated until she could no longer feed, dress or care for herself.

She had company during those difficult times. The owner and her staff assisted our Mother traverse that slope with dignity and true love and affection. No matter when you visited, she was neatly dressed, nails painted, and her hair was styled. Towards the end, it was the angel in disguise of a caregiver who managed our Mother with great finesse.

The owner committed to us when she accepted our Mother that she could remain there until she died as long as she did not become a danger to herself and to others. We were frankly surprised and wondered privately what would happen when our Mother became totally dependent. The owner kept her promise even though it required setting up 24/7 voice and video monitoring systems and additional care as the disease progressed.

We challenge you to ever find better care than was provided to her. The end did come and both the owner and her staff were devastated by the loss of someone they cared about a great deal. Please feel free to call us with any questions. We are ever so grateful that our Mother's last years were spent in a place that valued and loved her.



Tom K.

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