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Leadership & Management Team

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The Leadership at Rose of Sharon Assisted Living is experienced and professional. We focus on the individual needs of each resident and work as a team to provide a safe, caring, joyful life for all of our residents. We empower our staff to be successful at the care they provide while keeping them happy.

Linna Tanny, owner of Rose of Sharon Assisted Living has been named BEST ASIAN-AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNER 2013, by Asian Venue Magazine. She and her husband Hanny, established Rose of Sharon Assisted Living in 2003. Linna ended her corporate career at American Express and FDC and decided to contribute to the care of others by opening residential facilities for Senior’s. “I want to make the last chapter of their lives comfortable while giving a sense of relief for the family, knowing their loved ones are taken care of”, Linna states.

Our Philosophy of Care

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The key to Senior’s accepting the transition from independence to assisted living is “Comfort and Flexibility”. Make the environment comfortable and the schedules flexible. In keeping with the Rose of Sharon Assisted Living Homes philosophy of care, we encourage residents to be independent by providing a nurturing environment in which friends and family are always welcome. Let us know what is important to you and your loved one so that we can maintain those accommodations. Our goal is to enhance the life of our residents and to ensure that they are comfortable during the transition to assisted living and their entire stay at Rose of Sharon. If there is a favorite food or game they enjoy, let us know to provide it. We pamper our residents by offering them a comfortable, flexible lifestyle. After all, life as a Senior should be filled with the desires of their hearts.

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