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Everyone has an opinion and understanding as well as their own suggestions about COVID-19. We have heard all of the suggestions pertaining to the transmission and spread, when the virus can be detected, the reason why some die and others live and how to refrain from contracting COVID-19. All of the Rose of Sharon Assisted Living facilities are licensed and under the authority of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Our direction, response and guidance originate from CDPHE and they respond in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The rules, processes and restrictions we enforce are derived from the communication from CDPHE. Our best attempt to maintain the health and COVID-FREE facility requires your support. It is our goal to not allow one resident to die from this horrible disease. ALL Rose of Sharon Assisted Living facilities have remained without one case of COVID-19. The staff has done a remarkable job at keeping the facility clean and BY screening essential personnel. Please feel free to call and Thank the staff for their hard work.

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